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How to increase traffic by being on first page of Google

One of the most frequently asked questions by my clients is how to increase traffic to their website and many of them treat this question as the same as  how to make their website appear on first page of Google.

There are many ways to increase traffic to a site.  Broadly speaking, you can buy traffic

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Top 15 Online Marketing Tips for SMBs

Internet has changed the world, consumers are spending much more time on Internet than traditional media like TV and Newspapers. The way that people searching information also changed drastically because of search engines like Google really make it so easy to get relevant information online. However, many companies have not changed their marketing

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How to Build a Website Easy and Fast

Few years ago when the company that I worked for need to develop a website, we had to spent over 30K by using an external agency.   The whole process was almost like a black box.  On our company side, we needed to have a webmaster to communicate with the web design company and with very

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Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet has changed the world and Google has changed the whole landscape of how people search for information and their media habits. With the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies, there are more and more user generated contents and the viral effect is more important than ever.

As a professional marketer working in IT sales and

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Measure Your Website Performance

One of the questions that I was often asked in my client engagements was how to improve their websites. Many of the times, they are focus more on the appearance of their sites and asked me to look at their sites and give them some suggestions on improvement.

When I asked them how do they

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From traditional Marketing to Online Marketing

Reading the following article from McKinsey Quarterly – A CEOs guide to reengineering the senior team, really help me to crystallize the critical areas that we all need to focus in times of changes.

From my experience, the first step is to recongnise change happened, and accept the environment changed and the paradigm has shifted.  To

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