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Reading the following article from McKinsey Quarterly – A CEOs guide to reengineering the senior team, really help me to crystallize the critical areas that we all need to focus in times of changes.

From my experience, the first step is to recongnise change happened, and accept the environment changed and the paradigm has shifted.  To continue to do what you are doing currently is not going to get you anywhere.  The realization that you need to search for new direction and doing new things or doing things different is really an important starting point.

The second step is to acknowledge that there is fear inside, but instead of fear of the current situation and feel powerless or fear about the future and the unknown, channel the energy into finding new profit zones and new opportunities instead of just staying where you are.  While the future road may be very unclear, but with courage one can find a road that will gradually unfold.  This will help to reduce the fear as the unknown will become more and more known and a new cheese station will be found along the way.  Focus on the the new direction and search your ways and imagine the pleasant feeling of reaching the new goal instead let fear immobilize you.

The third step is to acquire new knowledge.  As you move on a new journey, there are certainly a lot of things that you don’t know and need to learn.  Instead of saying that you don’t know, you just need to learn and start the learning journey.  Of course they are roadblock along the road, but as your objective and new direction is firmer in sight, you’ll have the energy and focus to learn and enjoy the success along the road.

After-all, isn’t that the way that we all been through?  isn’t that the cycle that we all experienced?  We just need to have another round but just on a higher level.

Internet has changed the world, people are spending more time on Internet than traditional media like TV and press.  They way that people searching information also changed  because of search engines like Google really make it so easy.  Have your marketing mix changed?  Have you start your journey on using Internet to help your marketing yet?  I think there is a lot of opportunity especially for Small and Medium Businesses to capitalize on this level playing field.

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