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Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet has changed the world and Google has changed the whole landscape of how people search for information and their media habits. With the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies, there are more and more user generated contents and the viral effect is more important than ever.

As a professional marketer working in IT sales and marketing for over 20 years, I feel that marketer need to understand all these development and leverage on these new Internet / online marketing strategies and technologies in order to be effective.

The mere fact that almost all the things on online marketing can be measurable is indeed a very powerful one, as the saying goes, you can only improve what you can measure… I am very fortunately that my anchor client gave me the opportunity to work with them and try various way to increase traffic, conversion and maximize customer value, and the result is that I see in front of my eye how to double a good size business within a month, all in front of my eye. This is something like a dream come true and was almost inconceivable in the traditional marketing world.

I am in this journey of discovery, learning and applying what I learn to substantially increase the positive marketing impact for my clients. I hope I can share my experience and make a much better marketing world that help good business to grow. Your comment, no matter positive and negative, will help me to further improve and will be highly appreciated.

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