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CM focus to Help Companies to Increase Revenue and Profit using Low Cost High Impact Internet Marketing Strategies and Technologies. End to End Execution with Measurable Results

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Online Marketing System

Online Marketing Strategies

For any businesses to increase their revenues and profits, there are three critical areas that they have to focus:

  1. Increase Traffic or Number of Prospects
  2. Increase Sales Conversion
  3. Maximize Existing Customer Value – Buy More and/or More Frequently

To have a system to fit all these together will yield a very powerful results.  Just a 10% improvement in each area will generate 33% increase in sales.

Online Marketing System

Online Marketing System

In this diagram, many of the traffic generation techniques are shown by the green arrows, Some are traditional marketing means, including ATL (Above The Line) eg, TV, Printed Media, and BTL (Below The Line) eg, Direct Mail, Tradeshow, Press Release;  some are more online (Internet) marketing means such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).   In general, the leads generated by online marketing means are much more easily measurable than traditional marketing.

No all these prospects/traffic will turn directly into sales.  In the online sales world, may be 1% of the traffic will be converted into sales, if the site is well optimized;  most of the customers will go through the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) stage in order to by products.  Of course in the process there are a lot of drop off or leakage.

The challenge for businesses is to increase the sales conversion rate by tailor the right message to the right targets at the right time so as to increase the hit rate.  A very effective way to increase the sales conversion rate is to use email marketing with auto-responder function.

The key is to capture email address from the prospects so that businesses can communicate the right message to the right target with precision.  This is what we called Permission Marketing.  Unfortunately, most businesses just do email blast without optimize their email campaign and gain very little knowledge about their prospects and customers.

By measuring the response of email campaign and optimize the content, it is possible to double the conversion rate, and hence double the sales.  This is a very cost effective solution to some businesses especially those that already spending a lot of marketing dollars to generate leads and traffic with poor conversion.

During a sales is made or after a sales is made, there are ample opportunity to do upselling and cross selling to increase sales and profits.  In order to do that effectively an online marketing system is needed.  Meanwhile affiliate and viral marketing can play a very significant way  to increase the marketing effectiveness as customers are more rely on word of mouth and reference these days, and there are a lot of people who are very vocal on their preference and experience, and hence the important of social marketing.

CM Competitive Marketing Services is focus to establish an online marketing system that help businesses to grow their revenues and profits as well as increase their competitive in the market.

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