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How to increase traffic by being on first page of Google

One of the most frequently asked questions by my clients is how to increase traffic to their website and many of them treat this question as the same as  how to make their website appear on first page of Google.

There are many ways to increase traffic to a site.  Broadly speaking, you can buy traffic to your site by using paid method such as Pay Per Click ad like Google Adwords, or Pay Per Impression method such as buy display ads on certain website;  The other method is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means to make the website easily searched and ranked high by the search engines for certain keywords that are relevant to the products and services that the company want to sell.  By having a relevant web page appearing on the first page of Google for certain high traffic keyword is one great way to get traffic to the website, but it takes a clear understanding of how search engines work and continuous effort to optimize the pages and out compete your competitors' web pages so that you can rank on a higher position.  It is a continuous race.

The first step for successful SEO is to pick the right keyword or keywords  that are relevant to your business/what you offer to your customers.  You can use these keywords as the seed keywords for your keyword research to find keywords that have high traffic but low competition and of commercial value to you.

The second step is to develop relevant content using the selected keywords and use these keywords in your meta data for your web pages such as  title tag, meta-tag, met keywords and description.  This is often referred as on page optimization.

The third step, often called off page optimization, is to develop authority of your web page by building links – both internal and external links using the relevant anchor text.   The most common method to build links is to submit to directories, comment on forum and blog, article submission, press release, and using Web 2.0 methods.   It is very important that link building should be done in a consistent manner and built over time.

In order to track the progress of the SEO effort and ranking of your website, you need to have the right tools to help you to track the ranking as well as monitor the traffic to your site and pages such as Google Analytics.

Below is an example of an SEO company in United States talk about off page optimization in details.

  • Off-site optimization: Link building strategies – Utah SEO Pro GEO 3225 Green St, #C Salt Lake City, UT 84106-0000 USA Email: Telephone 801-520-0131 Categories: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Consulting Services, Search Engine Marketing …

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  • Hello, You plainly are an individual who recognizes the power of target and how to produce targets that you simply realize stage by step.Bravo for you.In my individual lifestyle I have only viewed good results when We have kept my focus and produced the measures needed to achieve my objectives – really little transpires by adjust alone. That is anything I like to regularly share with my readers.Actually, I’m delighted to go through about other peoples good results via laser like concentrate and you’ve got it.Continued good results for you,David

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