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CM focus to Help Companies to Increase Revenue and Profit using Low Cost High Impact Internet Marketing Strategies and Technologies. End to End Execution with Measurable Results

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Sales Conversion Improvements

Sales Conversion Improvements is often a very cost effective way to increase business as it focus on how to convert more prospects into buying customers.  The key to this is really to know your prospects more and have a way to establish a communication with your prospects as well as to optimize the whole process through optimization.  These include the following areas:

  • Squeeze Page Optimization
  • Capture email address for any traffic coming in
  • email marketing
  • Autoresponder to nuture prospects into customers
  • Exit Pop-up
  • One Time Offer
  • Surveys and polls to find out what market segments want
  • Irresistable Offer Test
  • Bonus offer
  • Sales Copy Development
  • Shopping Cart Optimization
  • Checkout Process Optimization
  • Exit Page Analysis using Analytics

Lead Generation Techniques

Free Giveaways + Email lists are still one of the best ways to improve customer loyalty and convert visitors to leads to long term clients. There is no Internet Marketing expert who doesn’t use this technique and correctly implemented it can increase sales by 2x – 5x easily.

But the old email Newsletter doesn’t cut it anymore (and mostly never did).  You must have a clear understanding of the strategy you follow, the optimal email follow up sequence, the right copy writing strategies and the right tools necessary to leverage this medium.

We will provide you with:

  • Assessment of your current Email & Opt-In Strategy
  • Detailed Description of the right follow up sequences used by the best Internet Marketers in the world
  • Email List performance tracking techniques
  • Recommended Software tools for your budget and approach
  • End to end email set up and execution from content creation and call for actions, email list deduplication and upload, creating HTML email and text email for maximium delivery, associated landing page design to capture customer feedback, A/B split test, and email performance review for continuous improvements.
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