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Measure Your Website Performance

One of the questions that I was often asked in my client engagements was how to improve their websites. Many of the times, they are focus more on the appearance of their sites and asked me to look at their sites and give them some suggestions on improvement.

When I asked them how do they measure their website performance, many of them do not have a clue and some of them have some basic server side tool that give them some basic statistics. But then they do not know how to do about it and use that to improve their sites.

My recommendation is ask them to install Google Analytics immediately and get the statistics for a few weeks, then I’ll review with them together and get them familiarize with some of the key measurement statistics and suggest areas for improvement, implement the changes and then measure the results and compare the before and after change statistics. Then continue the improvement cycle on other key aspects for the site.

In terms of content improvement, one of the key measure is the bounce rate for the site as well as the bounce rate for the most visited pages. This is a good measure of how sticky your content are for the visitors. Bounce rate simply means that visitor come to your page and then leave your site from that page without going to other pages in your site. Unless the objective of your site is for visitor to just visit one page and leave, one need to review the content and design of that page and compare with the pages that have the lowest bounce rate and analyse the difference. By simply doing this and make the necessary changes on the pages will provide a base for improvement.

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