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Top 15 Online Marketing Tips for SMBs

Internet has changed the world, consumers are spending much more time on Internet than traditional media like TV and Newspapers. The way that people searching information also changed drastically because of search engines like Google really make it so easy to get relevant information online. However, many companies have not changed their marketing strategies and tactics and have not allocated a portion of their marketing spending to online marketing and hence missed a big opportunity to increase their business and create a competitive edge for themselves.

Based on my own experience, the following are the top 15 Low Cost High Impact online marketing strategies and tactics that SMB can put to use immediately:

  1. To do online survey to understand more about their market and get the results collated automatically by the software
  2. To use a hosted email marketing software to get in touch with their prospects and customers and measure their response almost instantly
  3. To create a website using blog engine like Wordpress that they can update any information instantly without rely on a webmaster or pay a third party agent
  4. To build a site using Google Site and get a domain and email address with their own domain at less than 10 dollars a year
  5. To understand the market demand and competitive pricing through searching on eBay completed listing or just subscribe to the Terapeak research services
  6. To understand the search volume of different keywords in different countries and the level of competition – Free market research data at fingertips using Google Keyword Tools and Google Insights
  7. To use automated tools such as Google Alert to get notification on new information related to certain keywords, markets or even competition
  8. To use social media such as Twitter to inform followers in real time on special promotion and other useful information as well as to build a community
  9. To develop a video about their business and put that on YouTube or on their own website
  10. To register their business into local directory and Google Local Business Centre and to be found online
  11. To understand how their website performing eg, visitor trend, traffics and top contents as well as navigation and conversion using Free tool like Google Analytics
  12. To get more relevant web traffic by doing keyword research for their market and develop contents around these keywords on their website to increase their organic traffic
  13. To use Search Engine Marketing like Pay Per Click and Adwords to increase their traffic and conversion effectively rather than just using traditional media which are very difficult to measure
  14. To use more automated software to help to upsell and cross-sell both at point of purchase and/or after purchase to maximize customer value to increase profits
  15. To continuously improve their marketing effectiveness through constant measurements of their online marketing actions

The mere fact that almost all the things on online marketing can be measured is indeed a very powerful one, as the saying goes, you can only improve what you can measure… I am very fortunately that my anchor client gave me the opportunity to work with them and try various way to increase traffic, conversion and maximize customer value and measure the results. I saw in front of my eye how a good size business double their sales and profit within a month. This type of results is almost inconceivable in the traditional marketing world but a reality through online marketing.

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